ZK-MWR (in white)

Track ZK-MWR with Spidertracks

A 2010 model M24, ZK-MWR is equipped with the following additional items:
- MGL Avionics G3 EFIS Lite replacing the (pictured) G2 Voyager (fitted Nov 2016)
- MGL Avionics V10 Digital COM and Intercom
- iPhone (iPod) Music Audio Input via cable
- iPhone (iPod) Music Audio Input via Bluetooth
- iPhone Bluetooth Cellular Phone calling Interface with speech activated phone number dialling
- Trig TT21 Mode S Transponder
- Zaon PCAS MRX Collision Avoidance System
- 12v cabin "ciggy" plug in
- Cabin Heat
- Strobes x 3 and Nav Lights
- Manifold Pressure Gauge
- Carbon Spinner
- LightSpeed Zulu I ANR Headset (pax side)
- Bose A20 ANR Headset (pilot side)
- Internal storage/travel bags (fitted May 2012)
- Air Filter upgrade to extend air filter through fuselage (fitted March 2013)
- UMA fuel pressure differential sender and gauge (fitted April 2013)
- M24C style Mast Fairing Upgrade (to be fitted)
- Battery start upgrade with new voltage regulator (fitted December 2015)